Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Death in the Family: The 19th century scandal that ended the reign of New York's Sephardic aristocracy by Joshua Nathan-Kazis published on line on 1/13/2010 in Tablet

This fascinating article, published in the online journal Tablet which describes itself as “A new read on Jewish life,” is written by a descendant of the prominent New York City Sephardic Nathan family and focuses on the unsolved murder in 1870 of the author Joshua Nathan-Kazis' ancestor Benjamin Nathan, a member of the New York Stock Exchange. The author presents an interesting portrait of the life of this large influential Sephardic Jewish aristocratic family in the second half of the 19th century in New York and brings us up to date about more recent generations as well. In the article, which both spells out the influence and the intrigue, we also get a good sense of time and place.

This murder was front page news at the time, but pretty much forgotten today. Benjamin Nathan Cardozo, the murdered Benjamin Nathan's grandnephew, an esteemed past member of the United States Supreme Court, is a much more well known member of the Nathan family.

To access the article click here.

Benjamin Nathan – murdered in New York City in 1870
     Frederick Nathan – one of the 7 children of Benjamin
     Washington Nathan – one of the 7 children of Benjamin
Robert Nathan – brother of Benjamin
    Edgar Joshua Nathan – nephew of Benjamin; married 1st cousin Sarah
    Sarah Nathan Solis – niece of Benjamin; married her 1st cousin Edgar
               Joshua Nathan-Kazis – author; great-great grandson of Edgar and Sarah
Rebecca Nathan Cardozo – sister of Benjamin Nathan
Albert Cardozo – married Rebecca
       Annie Nathan Meyer – daughter of Rebecca; founder of Barnard College   
       Benjamin Nathan Cardozo – son of Rebecca and Albert; Supreme Ct. judge

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